Romans Introductions Questions

  1. Who wrote this book?

  2. To whom it was written?

  3. What is the title of this book?

  4. When it was written?

  5. From where it is written?

  6. Is Paul addressing to one specific Church or many churches in Rome?

  7. Who establish this church?

    1. Derive the answer from the following questions:

      • Did Paul visit Rome?

      • When did Paul visit Rome?

      • Is it established by Peter or any other apostles?

      • Who oversees this church?

  8. What is the theme of this book?

  9. List the outline of this book:

  10. List few great testimonies that shows how this book impacted believers in Christ:


    1. How Paul's obey Jesus Christ when He didn't permit Paul to Rome before he writes this epistle of Romans?

  1. How Paul's obedience to Jesus Christ helps you?