Revelation Introduction and Overview


Who Wrote this?

The Apostle John. Revealed to him by Jesus Christ (1:1).

When it is written?

95 – 96 AD. During Roman Emperor Domitian reign (AD 81 – 96) (after Nero’s reign).

Where it is written?

Island of Patmos (1:10).

    • This is roughly horseshoe-shaped rock-quarry island about 6 miles wide and 10 miles long, approximately 25 miles off the coast of Asia Minor due west of Miletus.

    • Patmos provided an ideal place of confinement for political prisoners.

    • The island was rich in marble, and most of the prisoners were forced laborers in marble quarries. (A quarry is a type of open-pit mine from which rock or minerals are extracted. Quarries are generally used for extracting building materials, such as dimension stone.)

    • John was on Patmos mostly because he was arrested and imprisoned in persecution from the Romans for the sake of word of God and for the sake of being a testimony of Jesus Christ – 1:10

    • The ancient Christian historian Eusebius says John was imprisoned at Patmos under the reign of the Roman Emperor Domitian. (Church History, III.18, 20 - from the Nicean and Post Nicean Fathers Series 2, Volume 1, pages 1480149)

To whom it is addressing?

Seven Churches in Asia in present day Turkey (1:4).

    • The seven Churches are Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea (1:11).

    • This book provides a message of comfort and a promise of the providential intervention of God in the affairs of men. Triumphant vision and the promise of the ultimate defeat of evil enabled these early Christians to encounter successfully the challenges that greeted them.

What is the Theme?

The End of the Age.

    • That which is unveiled or revealed in the Apocalypse is preeminently the glorified and enthroned Christ.

    • Sequential visions prophesy the course of the age,

    • beginning with the Great Tribulation and culminating in eternity (chs. 6–22).

    • The future of kingdoms and movements is unraveled, but at the heart of all is the conquering Christ (chs. 4; 5; 19:11–21).

What is the Title of this Book?

    • In Greek it is Apokalypsis Ioannou, Revelation of John.

    • It is also known as Apocalypse, a transliteration of the Greek word apokalypsis.

    • It is also known as Revelation, The Revelation.

    • Because of Unified contents of this book it should not be called Revelations.

    • The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

What is Revelation?

    • Revelation means unveiling, disclosure, reveling.

        • “Revelation” title was derived from the meaning of the Greek title apokalypsis. This term is a combination of kaluptoµg, “to veil,” and apo, “from”—hence, “to remove the veil” or “reveal.”

        • Unveiling what is already exist behind the veil.

            • Dan 12:1-4,8,9-13 - 4 "But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.".

            • ... 8 Although I heard, I did not understand. Then I said, "My lord, what shall be the end of these things?" 9 And he said, "Go your way, Daniel, for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

            • Rev 22:10 - Then he told me, "Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, because the time is near.

        • Revelation is the only New Testament book that focuses primarily on prophetic events.

Main events in the order in which they occur as outlined in the book of Revelation:

    • Rev 1:19 - Write the things which you have seen, and the things which are, and the things which will take place after this

    • Past: Introduction and description about the Jesus Christ - Rev 1.

    • Present: About the all the churches, their problems and rewards to those who overcome - Rev 2 & 3,

    • Future: The church will be taken/rapture up to heaven. Then comes the day of the Lord - Rev 4-22

        1. The last 7 year Great Tribulation in this earth - Rev 6-19.

            • During this 7 year Great Tribulation Antichrist rule and reign this earth and he persecute all the saints live at that time.

            • God pours out His wrath as a judgments or plagues.

        2. Jesus 2nd coming to this earth at the end of Great tribulation - Rev 19:11-16,

        3. The Armageddon war between the Antichrist with their followers and Jesus Christ - Rev 17-21 .

        4. The Millennial reign - Jesus reign this earth with saints for 1000 years - Rev 22:4-6,

        5. The Final Judgment - Jesus judge/condemn all non-believers and through into the lake of fire (Hell) - Rev 20:11-15

        6. Finally believers are in the New Heaven & New Earth - Rev 21 & 22.

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